Bagland is a manufacturer of products made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Our company is a full cycle manufacturer of polypropylene bags and plastic bags. This enables us to produce both standard and custom dimensions, technical characteristics or designs according to the customeer requirements. The products meet the requirements of the DSTU and ISO 22000: 2007 (ISO 22000: 2005), undergo laboratory tests, and come with the certificate of sanitary and hygienic compliance.



Most of our production capacity is allocated for the production of polypropylene (PP) bags. PP bags are characterized by high strength and used for packing granular substances for the agrarian and food sectors, and among construction materials. After going through the entire technological cycle from mixing and drying raw materials, manufacturing and winding threads, to obtaining a fabric cloth and cutting it into bags, after applying the logo and sewing a bag, we get high-quality products ready to serve your production.



Our production is designed to produce a large number of various products in an uninterrupted mode. Extrusion plants, batching machines, flexographic printing machines operate in our workshops.

We produce several types of plastic bags:

  • T-shirt bags
  • Packing bags with and without side folds
  • garbage bags.

The main advantage of our equipment for the production of packages is a high production speed and high quality products. The production of polyethylene bags is a complex technological process, which we studied to the smallest detail over the years. Our plastic bags are durable, comfortable and have a decent appearance.

The raw material for the production of our bags is granulated polyethylene. In particular, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (HDPE) are used. Polyethylene of a high pressure is softer, plastic is a bit dull. The HDPE film has a high strength, it is difficult to tear, it tolerates low temperatures well. HDPE - is more rigid and not so transparent, it is resistant to high temperatures and chemical reagents.

Today the plastic bag has received a new function - information. On the package produced for you in our production can be applied the necessary symbols and any advertising information. Our flexo printing equipment allows to apply your logo, Internet address and any information you need.

Plastic Products Manufacturing

Plastic Products Manufacturing - Ltd JV «BAGLAND»

Our production includes a fleet of modern equipment for recycling waste and at the same time allows us to produce a high-quality and not expensive plastic products. Furniture leg 100 mm, disposable cutlery.